How to Market Your Call Center’s Services

While starting a call center can be a very lucrative venture, it can be particularly difficult to sell your call center’s services at first. If you are just starting a call center company, then you know you are in for a lot of work if you want to outshine other providers.

market share

A hard fight, but well worth it.

This begins with your staff, that is, you need to hire qualified people who are fit for the job. This means finding good salespeople as well as good call center operators; our excellent operators, sales, and customer service staff are vital components of our success here at Specialty Answering Service.

After taking care of your important non-personnel responsibilities, such as choosing the most appropriate components and finding a good office location, you need to define your call center company’s strategy.

From an operations point of view, this means the ways you will assure quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. From a marketing point of view, this includes positioning your services competitively. It also means constructing a plan to attain a customer base, one sizeable enough to support continued operations. Setting and meeting sales goals is of serious importance.

The Beginning Stages of Marketing a Call Center Successfully

When it comes to signing up new clients, it always helps to develop relationships with people in the business world, that is, with people who actually use call center services. Establishing these valuable connections will also help you understand the companies they manage which, in turn, helps you to serve their needs better. Furthermore, do not only reach out to large corporations; pursue relationships with everyone from landscaping companies to web developers.

In order to sell your call center services, you need to convince prospective clients that outsourcing some of their customer service responsibilities to your staff is a good idea. Succeeding in this regard is no small achievement. (Specialty Answering Service certainly did not get to where it is overnight!) Prospective clients will want to see that your staff has generated leads, sold products, and provided exceptional customer service, which is a challenge when you’ve only just started. Just remember that each sale is a victory and any victory, no matter how small, can lead to yet another.

Competing with other Call Center Service Providers

metaphor for competition

The requisite blog post image that functions as a metaphor for competition.

To remain competitive, you need to develop a price structure that is comparable to that of other companies providing similar services.

If your call center company is just starting out, offering a conspicuously lower price than that of existing call centers can be good for stimulating that all-too-important initial cash flow; however, avoid the temptation to ignore your overhead costs.

Remember that getting a customer may be great now, but always consider the future. Is the price you gave them sustainable long term? How likely are they to stay your customer if you have to raise your prices down the line?

Competing on price is not always advisable, especially in an industry that is notorious for commoditizing labor into billable minutes. Besides, if you are managing a U.S. based call center, you often won’t be able to compete with many of the foreign-based centers.

The good news is that price isn’t usually the biggest factor for your potential customers, quality is. Pursue reliability and quality, while always looking for ways to reduce your operating costs – this is the essential formula for running a marketable call center.


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